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AIRC: the Oranges of Health are back in the streets for cancer research

Januarywe didn’t even have time to turn the calendar, which AIRC Foundation takes the field immediately: the last Saturday of the first month of the year – this year it will be January 28th – her Health Oranges return to the streets with the first awareness and fundraising appointment for cancer research.

Tumors in Italy: the point of the situation

Researchers continue their work in laboratories to find new treatments, but today we still get sick of cancer, unfortunately: in 2022 in Italy they have been estimated 390,700 new cases of cancer, 14,100 more than in 2020.

And the focus this year needs to be even louder on habits and on lifestyles. The report The numbers of cancer in Italy, 2022, edited by AIOM and AIRTUM, presented to the Ministry of Health last December 19, denounces a not reassuring picture: 33% of adults are overweight and 10% obese, 24% smoke and sedentary have increased from 23% in 2008 to 31% in 2021.

Thanks to the pandemic, of course, but it cannot and must not be an excuse: «The pandemic from COVID-19 brought about a setback in the fight against cancer – said the Minister of Health Horace Schillaci – Causing overall a sharp slowdown in diagnostic activities in the oncological field in Italy. Never before has it been necessary to offer the best practices of prevention, treatment and assistance».

Oranges of Health AIRC: «Health in our hands»

But while the government does its part, it’s up to each of us to understand that the fight against cancer – admitted and not granted that there is a war to fight – is played out in advance. For this reason, this year’s claim chosen by AIRC is Health in our hands: a commitment and a call to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of carrying out concrete gestures for our healthsuch as stopping smoking, a balanced diet, physical activity and adherence to recommended screenings.

“There prevention it is one of the main tools to reduce the chances of developing cancer and it is within our reach, every day – remember Federico Caligaris CappioScientific Director of the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research – Se la early diagnosis it allows to anticipate the moment in which a tumor is discovered, other simple interventions allow to contain the risk that some tumors present themselves. Healthier habits and behaviors might avoid the appearance of about one in three cancers».

Cancer: the importance of prevention

Numbers that cannot be ignored. But how to try to protect yourself from the risk of cancer incidence? “A’supply rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruit and legumes, with a limited intake of sugary drinks and saturated fats is important to reduce the risk of developing cancer – confirm the AIRC researchers – Attention to the quality and quantity of food must be associated withphysical exercisewhich affects inflammatory mechanisms and the immune system, and the give up smokingthe major risk factor, alone responsible for 85-90% of lung cancers, and countless other diseases.

AIRC: the importance of fundraising

Thanks to the success of fundraising initiatives, such as that of the Oranges, AIRC will be able to invest in 2023 137 million and 392 thousand euros in support of approx 6 thousand researchers for 704 research projects, 91 fellowships, 21 special programs and IFOM, the Foundation’s Institute of Molecular Oncology. Among this year’s novelties, specific tenders for young researchers active in laboratories in the South and to strengthen clinical research.

Cancer and prevention: take up the challenge!

Good habits, which then form a healthy lifestyle, in order for them to really become habits, therefore becoming part of a consolidated routine, you need to start practicing them. So during the campaign it is possible to measure up to this challenge and raise funds for research, choosing a good habit to adopt for 10 days and asking your community to cheer you on with a donation to AIRC. All the information to activate is on the site arancedellasalute.it.

AIRC Health Oranges: products on sale and initiatives

Solidarity products

Saturday 28 January throughout the day the volunteers distribute nets of blood oranges grown in Italy against a donation of 10 euros, orange marmalade (6 euros) e orange blossom honey (8 euros). The funds raised will help finance around 6,000 researchers to make cancer ever more curable. To find the nearest distribution point, click here.

Together with the solidarity products, the special guide with the “health decalogue”compiled by the World Fund for Research on Cancer (World Cancer Research Fund), and numerous healthy and tasty orange-themed recipes, including Citrus Chicken’s signature Benedetta Parodi.

Oranges in schools

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January the Oranges enter over a thousand school complexes with the initiative “Cancer, I fail you”involving children and teenagers, together with parents and teachers, committed for a day as volunteers in the educational projects of AIRC.

In supermarkets, bars and restaurants

From the February 4thon the occasion of World Cancer Day, the appointment with health continues in more than 9,000 supermarkets with over 50 brands: for each net of “Blood oranges for research” distributed during the period, participating stores will donate 50 euro cents to AIRC. Also from 4 February, thanks to the collaboration with CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises) and its Agri-food union, the participating bars and restaurants will donate 50 cents to AIRC for each orange juice chosen by customers.

Buy oranges in the bank!

Also on the occasion of the Arance della Salute, the AIRC Foundation can count on the ongoing contribution of the institutional partner BPM desk, committed to promoting scientific dissemination and public involvement in the support of cancer research.

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