Fedez and the joke about Emanuela Orlandi: «They never found her». It’s controversy

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During the last episode of Wild Mossthe podcast successfully hosted by Fedez and from Luis Sal who will land for the first time on Rai2 during the week of Sanremo, with the guest Gianluigi Nuzzi we talked about many things, including the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, the girl who disappeared in Rome on June 22, 1983 to which Netflix has dedicated a recent docuseries. Before getting to the heart of the matter, Fedez thought it right to make a premise: «First of all, can we say? They never found her, they’re still looking for her”commented the rapper, following his words with a thunderous laugh.

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“Is this black humor?” Nuzzi asked him, visibly embarrassed as well as Luis Sal. “Sorry, it made me laugh too much”commented Fedez, realizing the gaffe and immediately adding “and it’s not funny”, before changing the subject. As expected, the sentence did not go unnoticed and the offending piece quickly made the rounds of the Net, arousing a hornet’s nest of controversy. Also intervening on the matter was Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela’s brother, who, questioned by MOW Magazine, he commented on the incident with great elegance. «In many years I have had to suffer behavior in bad faith and villains far worse than a laugh certainly not born with the will to offendor disrespect (I hope so). It is simply immaturitylike when, as kids, a laugh could escape during a funeral».

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«I am happy that my sister’s question has found space in such a popular programme, it is important that beyond the laughter we talked about it, and for this I thank him», said Pietro Orlandi, who hasn’t heard from Emanuela for almost forty years. “But I can’t deny that I was sad to hear laughter at the phrase ‘they’re still looking for her,’ since I’ve been doing this for forty years. Come on, it we forgive».

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