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Al. Haritsis: The adjustment clause is not abolished but is integrated in the floating tariffs

Al. Haritsis: The adjustment clause is not abolished but is integrated in the floating tariffs

The head of Development and Investment of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Haritsis, harshly criticized the government for the management of the energy crisis and the situation in the economy, speaking on r / s “Real fm 97.8”, accusing her in particular that the amendment she submitted did not the adjustment clause is removed but incorporated in floating tariffs.

Mr. Haritsis said in particular that “society is deeply concerned about the situation in the economy” and that “every day that passes without substantial support from the government is an additional day of burden for households, workers, retirees, farmers and businesses.” He criticized the government for “stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the magnitude and depth of this crisis for a whole year, when we submitted the relevant topical inquiry to Parliament on the situation in the energy market, fuel, production costs in the agricultural sector and food “. The SYRIZA-PS Messinia MP stressed that “the government can no longer hide and leave the operation of the energy market uncontrolled”, noting that “there should finally be a serious regulatory intervention in the wholesale price of electricity by imposing a ceiling on substantial reduction of the profit margin of energy producers “. Because, he pointed out, “what consumers are interested in is seeing a real reduction in the final amount they pay.” In this context, he argued that the amendment tabled by the government to the adjustment clause “does not abolish it but incorporates it in the floating price that providers are required to notify two months before changing tariffs.”

As for the available fiscal space, he stated that “the government has made clear policy choices that Greek society pays very dearly for”, noting that it “forgets the fiscal space when it privatizes supplementary insurance at a cost of 1.5 billion on average for the next 50 years or when it reduces taxes on dividends and abolishes the taxation of parental benefits up to 800,000 euros “. On the other hand, he noted that the SYRIZA government had delivered the country’s budget “neatly, with regulated debt until 2030 and cash available of 37 billion”, asking the question “why the government of ND is not finally taxing the super profits of energy providers to save extra budgetary space “.

Mr. Haritsis underlined that “the country needs a progressive government to deal with the multiple crises we are experiencing” and that for this reason SYRIZA addresses an invitation “to all the progressive forces of the country”, emphasizing that “a necessary condition for this is the clear victory of SYRIZA – PS in the next elections “.

Source: Capital