Al Jazeera journalist killed: “The source of the fire that killed her is unknown”

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THE Israeli army stated today that it is not possible to determine the img of the fires that resulted in him death of Palestine journalist Al Jazeera Sirin Abu Akleh, who was also a US citizen, during an Israeli raid on West Bank the day before yesterday Wednesday, according to the preliminary results of his research.

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“The conclusion of the preliminary report is that it can not be determined where did the shot that killed the journalist come fromThe army said in a statement that it could be of Palestinian or Israeli origin.

According to the Israeli news website Ynet, cited by Reuters, the research mentioned two possibilities: the first, Abu Aklech was hit by massive Palestinian fire fighters in the direction of Israeli military vehicles and the second, an Israeli soldier returning fire from a jeep to an gunman to kill her by mistake.

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Reuters notes that the military did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Today the last goodbye – Mourning in Palestine

The Palestinians are being prepared today to bid farewell to journalist Sirin Abu Akleh in Jerusalem, which was killed with a bullet to the head two days earlier in the occupied West Bank while covering an Israeli raid.

A 51-year-old Palestinian Christian who was also an American citizen, the journalist of the Al Jazeera television network will be buried in Jerusalemwhere he grew up, after a service in a church in the old town at 15:00 noon.

Source: News Beast

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