Albania: Man attacked Sali Berisha – punched him in the face

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The victim of a man who punched him in the face fell on Tuesday (6/12). Sally Berisha. The Albanian opposition leader had led an anti-government demonstration with a crowd of his party supporters in the center of the capital Tirana.

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The demonstration was held a few meters away from the venue of the EU-Western Balkans summit.

Thousands of opposition supporters gathered in the city today, while the Albania hosts for the first time the EU-Western Balkans summit, in which leaders of the European Union member states participate.

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The demonstrators, as reported by the Athens News Agency, gathered to protest against the Prime Minister’s government Eddie Rama and to call for early elections.

As Berisha, head of the centre-right Democratic Party, walked in front of supporters holding Albanian and EU flags, a man approached and punched him in the face.

Berisha was covered in blood, but was later expected to address the rally.

The attacked man was beaten by Berisha supporters and arrested by the police.

Former president and prime minister Berisha has been banned from entering the US for alleged corruption. He denies the charges.

Source: News Beast

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