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Alessandro Impagnatiello, the consultancy that could lead to psychiatric expertise

The party's advice filed at trial by the defense of Alessandro Impagnatielloaccused and confessed to the murder of his pregnant partner, Giulia Tramontanosays that the 31-year-old would have “narcissistic, obsessive, paranoid” disorders. Corriere della Sera And Republic report the words of the consultation carried out by the psychiatrist Raniero Rossetti according to which the former barman would have perceived the woman as a «enemy who had undermined and then shattered his daily life». Her counseling says that she would not have seen her clearly as the mother of his child and his life partner.

The consultant explains that «it's as if he had said to himself, admiring himself in the mirror, “look how good I am at managing two women, without them knowing about each other… I'm really good”». There was the other woman, there was work at the Armani Cafè in via Montenapoleone in a place where he says he found himself like a “fish in water” among “footballers, television personalities” and “showgirls”. Her ego would have swelled out of proportion.

According to the consultancy, he would have felt “enjoyment” and “narcissistic orgasm” from “feeling lusted after by a female younger than Giulia” and from being “able to manage the two women, one without the other's knowledge”. The document speaks of “destructive hatred”. «The pathological narcissus, the manipulator and the cunning controller of two female existences to be kept on a leash with serial lies and subterfuge he was unmasked and suddenly had to resign from his role”. From the collapse of her world came the “pathological perception of the figure of Giulia”.

«As an omnipotent male with the daily life of the two in his hands, he suddenly found himself being an absolutely fragile maleat the mercy of the two, of their revelations and finally discovered by them in his rapid-fire lies and his manipulations.”

The consultant detected a personality disorder that led to Giulia being perceived as «the enemy who had undermined and then shattered her daily life pumped and inflated by“imaginative” work activityfrom the relationship with each other and from the narcissistic enjoyment of being able to manage the two women, one without the other's knowledge.”

This consultation could be used to request that the court order a psychiatric evaluation of the former barman. On June 10, after the end of Alessandro Impagnatiello's interrogation, the results of the party consultancy will be discussed.

Source: Vanity Fair

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