Alien invasion in 2023? Time Traveler Says Earth Will Be Invaded

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Who has never heard that aliens live among us and/or that, very soon, they will invade planet Earth?

From thrillers, adventures and romances, there are different audiovisual stories that narrate exactly how the interaction with these “unknown” beings would be.

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In “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial”, by Steven Spielberg, we saw the birth of a friendship between a small alien and a little boy.

Jordan Peele’s “No, Don’t Look”, taught us some ways to deal with an unknown object on top of our heads.

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But, according to Eno Alaric, our reality is a little scarier.

The self-declared time traveler and TikToker (user @radianttimetraveler) says he came from the year 2671 and posts on the social network with the aim of preventing some crucial events that should happen between 2023 and 2025.

One of Alaric’s first videos is about a famous musician who passed away, but will come back assuming he faked his own death.

According to one of the videos published on Alaric’s social network, the world is “on the verge of destruction” and only the best will be chosen to save it.

Since the end of 2022, his almost 30,000 followers on TikTok have been receiving alerts of catastrophes that are due to happen soon.

On December 30th, the time traveler published a video saying that a species of alien known as “The Champion” is coming to Earth to abduct us.

With graphs, he explains that a group of aliens “very hostile”, the same one who built the pyramids in Egypt, will try to recover our planet.

However, another species of alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some people.

To prepare, the date for the abduction and salvation of the 8,000 people who will be taken to another planet is March 23, 2023.

Other notices

Eno Alaric revealed, also on the social video network, some dates for followers to keep in mind.

Between November and December 2022, according to him, the James Webb Telescope would discover “a new planet that is a mirror version of Earth”.

In 2023, on January 14, a strange light emitted from the Moon would cause “strange events around the world”.

While none of that happens, he continues with alerts for this year.

A group of four teenagers must discover, in ancient ruins, a device that opens a wormhole to other galaxies on February 6th.

Already on the 8th of the same month, a drug will be presented to the world so that people live longer.

In March, the North and South poles should “reverse”, bringing the continents back together.

In May, two important events: a mega tsunami that will hit the west coast of the USA, especially San Francisco, and a disaster that could “disrupt” the American political system.

In the comments, your followers and app users charge for events that didn’t happen on the scheduled date.

“What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit Earth this month?”, asked a follower.

“On the 10th there will be an amazing event too, it’s my birthday,” wrote one user.

“I came to warn you that I am a time traveler and on December 25th we celebrate Christmas”, mocked another.

Is it possible to travel through time?

Like aliens, time travelers are also frequently portrayed in movies and series.

But when we talk about reality, off screens and science fiction, researchers at the University of Maryland signaled some doubts about the possibility of jumping or going back to other years.

Igor Smolyanivov and Yu-Ju-Hung explained that time travel is practically impossible, as time cannot fold back on itself and it is not possible to undo events that happened in the past as the particles of the Universe cannot go back in time.

However, scientists claim that the results are not conclusive and more study is needed for the statement to be categorical.

Source: CNN Brasil

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