Alternatives to Nissan BCN: Battery plant, electrical assembly plant and electromobility hub

The Working Committee for the reindustrialization of the Nissan Motor Ibà © rica plants in Barcelona has already received several projects with possible Future alternatives for plants in Barcelona. This Thursday the third meeting of the table made up of the Nissan management, the Workers’ Representation and the Public Administrations was held, with the aim of seeking industrial alternatives that allow maintain jobs and the current industrial fabric.

At the meeting, which took place electronically, the Ministry of Industry and the Department of Business of the Generalitat explained that the projects in which they are working are grouped into three major industrialization scenarios: production of batteries to supply the European market for electric vehicles, assembly of electric vehicles and an electromobility hub made up of several companies.

The special delegate of the State in the Consortium of the Free Zone of Barcelona, Pere Navarro, has expressed the full availability of the institution he directs to facilitate the best option, prioritizing industrial projects. The Consortium owns the land of the main work center that the car company has in Catalonia and has attended the Commission as a guest.

In this sense, four union organizations that participate in the Commission -SIGEN-USOC, CC.OO. UGT, and CGT- have reiterated their desire to prioritize the maximization of jobs, with the aim of maintaining the industrial fabric of the area.

Regarding the status of the hiring of an external company To give technical advice to the work of the Commission, the Secretary General for Industry of the Government, RaÃŒl Blanco, has reported that the deadline for submitting offers is next day December 10, with the aim of being able to resolve the tender before the end of the current year.

In the Commission they have participated, together with RaÃl Blanco; the Director General of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Matilde Villarroya; the subdelegate of the Government in Catalonia, Carles prieto; the head of Nissan’s Industrial Operations in Spain, Frank Torres; and members of the four union organizations with representation in the Company Committees of the centers of the Free Trade Zone of Barcelona, ​​Montcada i Reixac, Sant Andreu de la Barca and NDS.

The establishment of this commission was one of the points included in the agreement reached in early August between the Nissan Motor Ibà © rica Management and the Workers’ Representation, after the completion of the negotiations to maintenance of Nissan’s industrial activity in Catalonia until December 2021. The first meeting of the commission, held in October, agreed, among other points, to be able to define monthly meetings until March 2021, prioritize industrial projects that encompass the affected industrial centers and that maximize jobs and collaborate with the Administration to be able to access the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Economy.

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