AMD used password level “123456”. Naturally, hackers hacked into the system

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The hacker group RansomHouse has published a statement on its website on the dark web about the hacking of AMD Corporation. The hackers claim to have managed to extract more than 450 GB of information from the company’s servers, and posted some of the data online as evidence. It is reported that this happened on January 5th.

According to RansomHouse, AMD employees used the simplest and most common passwords, such as “password”, “123456” or “amd123”. This practice is often the goal of hackers.

“… even tech giants like AMD use simple passwords… to protect their systems from being hacked. Employees of the company do use such passwords, but even more shame for AMD’s security department, which receives significant funding, according to documents that turned out to be in our hands. And all thanks to these simple passwords, ”from the RansomHouse statement.

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Back on June 20, hackers announced via Telegram that a large company had been hacked, and then held a contest among their subscribers in which they had to guess the victim. AMD, in turn, stated that it knew about the hack and had already initiated an investigation.

Unlike other cybercriminals, RansomHouse hackers are not actually ransomware. They position themselves as a “community of professional intermediaries” who minimize the likely damage.

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Source: Trash Box

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