Anatoly Aksakov: “I wanted to invest in bitcoin, but I didn’t have time”

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Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, said that he wanted to invest in bitcoin, but its price rose too quickly to invest.

During the interview, Aksakov said that at the moment he has a rather negative attitude towards the first cryptocurrency. This is an overly volatile asset, moreover, it has risen in price too quickly. Therefore, the head of the financial market committee is sure that it is not worth legalizing such a dangerous asset in Russia, especially for unqualified investors.

It is interesting that although the deputy does not want to legalize bitcoin in Russia, he believes that it is necessary to collect taxes on transactions with cryptocurrencies. Now the bill is under consideration and has already been adopted in the first reading. However, the deputies had many questions about the delineation of different asset classes, as well as how to determine the assets subject to taxation.

While paying taxes on operations with cryptocurrencies in Russia is voluntary. But over time, the deputies will agree on the wording and the law will be adopted. When asked whether Aksakov owns any cryptocurrencies, he said that he, like any deputy, is prohibited from doing this. The head of the financial market committee said that earlier he wanted to buy bitcoin, but did not have time:

“I wanted to buy bitcoins. And I wanted to buy only in order to accumulate. But bitcoin had already grown too much, and I was offended by spending money. If it cost 100 rubles, I would buy it. ”

Recall that earlier Aksakov called for amendments to the law on CFA in order to clarify the concepts of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and the digital ruble.

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