And he left! Girl is kidnapped by the horse with which she was going to enter her XV party

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Being in the right place at the right time and being able to capture funny or epic situations is a quality that is gradually becoming more common because most of us already have a mobile phone and a TikTok account, a social network where legendary recordings that brighten our days.

One of the moments when people want to capture every moment is at social events such as the XV years, since it is an unforgettable day for the girl who stops being a girl to become a woman.

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screenshot of the girl who was kidnapped by a horse at her quinceañera

In order not to lose the habit, quinceañeras have always given us moments that become unforgettable and this girl’s was no exception, since a clip went viral showing the moment in which a horse takes the party in the middle of the party .

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The funny video was shared through the TikTok profile of alexis gomezwho, apparently, was a guest at the party and wanted to record the quinceañera’s triumphant entrance to the place where the reception would take place.

However, things don’t always go as planned. In the video you can see the girl on a horse, waiting to be announced by the host of the party to make her grand entrance, but before being required, the horse gets out of control, runs to the opposite side and goes up a street while several boys chase the animal hoping to catch up with it.

The recording, which had the song by A sailboat called Libertyby José Luis Perales as a background, gained popularity among users in a few hours, who, to date, have helped the clip accumulate 2.6 million views likes25.2 million views and 36.3 thousand comments from people making jokes about it.


@alexisgomez424. for those who requested it with original audio here it is

♬ original sound – alexisgomez424.

Following the request of the users to upload the video with the original audio to find out what had happened, Alexis Gomez pleased the public and shared the recording without background music, a publication in which the demanding followers asked him to know what happened next.

Source: Okchicas

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