And now Gino Sorbillo will also make pasta (topped like a pizza)

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Pasta is Gino Sorbillo’s new challenge. Topped with the pizza topping. From today on you can order pasta alla capricciosa, alla diavola and alla marinara.

But let’s do a little order: Gino Sorbillo opens the 11th pizzeria in Italy, the fifth in Milan in via Borsieri at 25, in the Isola area, the next November 20, for a total of 17 places on Italian soil (with the Zia Esterina brands) and 20 all over the world. Yes, because today Sorbillo is also in New York, Ibiza and Tokyo.

But the real news for one of the most famous and social pizza chefs in the world (just follow his Instagram account to realize it), is that from now the pulp enters the paper, strictly Gragnano PGI, as per the purest Neapolitan tradition, to be seasoned at the moment and at will, with the same ingredients with which its pizzas are seasoned.

The carbohydrate festival seems to be the new mantra of Gino Sorbillo who, however, between Zia Esterina’s fried pizza and the traditional one that from the Courts in Naples has become famous throughout Italy, in the ranking of 50 Top Pizza, now focuses everything on pasta.

«I wanted to open up to “not only pizza” and also launch myself on the other carbohydrate of the heart of us Neapolitans, pasta, strictly from the Consortium for the Protection of Pasta di Gragnano IGP, creating a fusion with pasta, mixing ingredients and flavors ».

It enters and exits the oven in less than 50 seconds and cooks in a way that some consider insufficient. But that’s it, a matter of taste. Try the classic Margherita and the yellow one with yellow Lucariello tomatoes, provolone and Conciato Romano.

And what’s after pizza and pasta? “I want to found aacademy of master pizza makers, in this period all of us restaurateurs suffer from a shortage of personnel, moreover qualified. With 260 employees and about 50 pizza chefs, you can’t go wrong. I need staff who can make Gino Sorbillo pizza. And from today also pasta. I’m just looking for spaces ».

And after the “gourmand” pizza project in via Foscolo in Milan and on the sixth floor of the Rinascente in Rome, or dedicated to the regional pizzas of Italy, to get out of what Gino Sorbillo calls “Neapolitan”, the next step is that of food pairing.

«We are making one cocktail card to be paired in particular with fried pizza, but also with pizza and from today with pasta »says Gino Sorbillo.

buffalo ricotta, matese buffalo milk mixed provolone (smoked with straw), pork cracklings, San Marzano tomato and black pepper from Thalassery. (GINO SORBILLO, Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, Naples and Milan)


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