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Anger in China over maskless spectators at Qatar World Cup – ‘Are we on the same planet?’

Anger in China over maskless spectators at Qatar World Cup – ‘Are we on the same planet?’

The television images of its viewers World Cup 2022 without a protective mask for coronavirus piss them off Chinese people which are still subject to the strict limitations entailed by its application zero covid policy which Beijing still imposes, while the rest of the world coexists with the virus.

“Some are watching the World Cup matches live and without masks, others have been confined to their homes for a month, in the square for two months, unable to unmask,” wrote a resident of Guangdong on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter). .

Who stole my life? I won’t comment on it” he adds, according to APE-MPE, in an atmosphere of dissatisfaction with the policy followed by the Chinese regime to limit the spread of Covid cases.

China, where Covid appeared at the end of 2019, is the world’s last major economy still struggling to contain the spread of the virusimposing quarantine on entire cities or districts and mandatory testing of millions of people.

However, the number of recorded cases reached 29,157 today. The number is small compared to other countries, but it is a Chinese record compared to the previous one in April.

Yesterday, more than a quarter of the Chinese population was under some form of restrictive measure or lockdownaccording to the analysts of the Nomura Institute in contrast to the images arriving from the World Cup.

“Tthe FIFA World Cup allows most Chinese to see what the reality is abroad, to worry about their country’s economy and their youth,” wrote a resident of Shaanxi Province on Weibo.

Open letter asking if china is on the same planet as Catarrh circulated on the WeChat platform, before it was censored and taken down.

The World Cup matches are broadcast by the state television network CCTV. It’s the same network that bombards the Chinese with negative “information” about the global chaos and the Covid death toll in the United States.

“Nigeria’s anti-epidemic policy has had clear results (…) why don’t we learn from Nigeria and only look at the American data?”, the text of the open letter read.

Popular anger at the restrictions has led to protests, a rare occurrence for China.

Today, violent protests took place around the world’s largest iPhone factory, owned by Taiwan’s Foxconn. Protesters clashed with people wearing white protective suits and special police forces.

Source: News Beast