Antonio Caprarica: «Lilibet Diana? A very pimp name “

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«The most pimp move imaginable». Antonio Caprarica, for many years Rai correspondent from London, the greatest Italian expert on the events of the Windsor, comments on the name chosen by Harry e Meghan Markle for their second daughter, who for 24 hours has been making half the world talk. The Sussex have, in fact, called the second child Lilibet «Lili» Diana, bringing together the inheritance of grandmother Diana and the more private nickname of Queen Elizabeth in a single child.

“We all expected Harry’s little girl to be called Diana, I thought they chose him as the first name “, continues the journalist and writer, now in the bookstore with his latest real book, Elizabeth. Forever queen. Life, the kingdom, the secrets (Sparrow & Copper), «but how do you give the queen’s private name to a girl who will be eighth in line of succession to the throne, but who lives in California with two parents who on alternate days define the British monarchy “a cross between a funfair and a zoo” and its members as “victims of a insane system “, if not worse?”.

For Caprarica «there is a large measure of hypocrisy in this name, a desire to signal belonging to a royal family which, however, continues to be criticized ». Almost a warning: «As if to say,“ let’s call our daughter with the pet name used in the house for the queen, to reaffirm that we continue to be an integral part of this story ”». Also on the other side of the ocean, even without an official role in the Firm anymore.

An attempt at reconciliation? «For me more a strong signal. There is nothing that holds the Sussex behavior together with the choice of the daughter’s name. ‘ Will Queen Elizabeth have (really) liked it? “I’ve been wondering all day. I don’t know if it will please her see his intimate, private name, so slammed on the front page, turned into a good topic for marketing. It was the name by which the beloved Filippo called her, by which her father and even before her grandfather called her. Each of us has a private name, mine – for example – can only be used by my wife and I would not like to see it worn by others ».

How heavy will the baggage be Lilibet «Lili» Diana? «IS born marked by a destiny. Diana’s version of the monarchy is reflected in her. But there is one detail that should not be forgotten: to play the monarchy you have to be on the throne. They, on the other hand, want to play the exile card all the way. They attack the royal family, but they don’t want to cut the ties ».

On background, the shadow of marketing: “In recent months, they’ve staged a gigantic commercial operation. First the interview with Oprah in May, then the broadcasts on psychic problems. They are at the center of a huge turnover ». The British tabloids, meanwhile, point out that the same day the baby is born the domain “” has been registered. As usual, nothing is left to chance.

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