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App Usage 5.46

App Usage 5.46

App Usage is an app for managing app/device usage.

It provides the following main features:

  • App Usage History: Collect data about the time you used the apps you’ve used.
  • Phone Check History: Collect data about when you checked your phone.
  • Activity History: Collect data about the time you opened apps.
  • Location History: Shows the apps you’ve used in a specific location
  • Notification History: Shows the time when apps have posted notifications.
  • Battery History: Display battery usage graph
  • Overuse Reminder: Reminder when you use your phone or apps for a long time
  • Lock Mode: Lock app settings and overuse reminder options with a PIN.
  • Most used apps – show most used apps on widgets or notifications
  • Track all installations: Track all installed and uninstalled apps.
  • App Install Reminder: App install notification and a summary of daily installed apps.
  • Application management: 1 click to delete applications, sort applications by various options

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