Appeal for truce in Peru: New mass demonstration today – “Apology for the dead” the president asked

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Another mass mobilization is being prepared today at Peru against President Dina Bolluarte, the day after the demonstrations and violent incidents in the capital Lima.

The head of state addressed yesterday Tuesday call for a “national truce”, as at least 46 people have been killed since the civil crisis erupted in December. Before yesterday’s demonstration, the second in Lima in less than 24 hours, Boluarte tried, once again, to de-escalate tensions, she asked to restart “dialogue”, “to set an agenda for each region”, in order to “develop” the country. He assured that he has “no intention” to hang on to power, that he will respect the Constitution and retire after early elections are held in 2024.

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Visibly upset, Boluarte apologized for the dead and promised that investigations would be carried out to find out who was responsible. Her intervention, however, did anything but convince the protesters.

“We listened to Boluarte. Her vision is pathetic. The Peruvian people, all of us, are not going to make a truce. We have nothing to discuss with Mrs. Boluarte. The only thing the people want is for him to resign and for new elections to be held,” said 35-year-old Carlos Avedano, holding the tricolor flag of Andahuila, which became the focus of unrest in December.

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Source: News Beast

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