Aries: «I don’t carry messages in Sanremo. My song is about my ex girlfriend»

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A cup of tea with honey, a cigarette and a hat. Aries she is as she seems, very young, self-confident, easygoing. In a very short time she will be on the stage of the Ariston Theater, competing in San Remo for the first time. The singer-songwriter, born in 2002, will present the song Sea of ​​troublewritten in four hands with Kolkata and produced by Dardust. We met her in a Milanese living room, while she was around for interviews and meetings.

What do you like about this pre-Sanremo period?
I like being busy in many things, having a full period satisfies me.

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What doesn’t she like?
Being in Milan. I’m from Rome and Milan suffer a little. Tomorrow I’m going to Sanremo for other rehearsals and then I’ll go back to my house for a week. Even if, as Coez says, “Milan was also beautiful with the sun this morning”.

Have you bought a house in Rome?
Yes, I haven’t lived with my parents since January 2021. I’ve been renting a bit and now I’ve bought a house downtown.

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What was it like playing with the Ariston orchestra for the first time?
The orchestra gives everyone a feeling of greatness and invincibility. Ironically, I felt small. Seeing so many professionals making themselves available to my music, playing with passion what I have composed, made me emotional. In the first empty rehearsals, without voice, seeing the bows get up and start playing is a beautiful emotion.

What does he say in his song Sea of ​​trouble?
Of a broken relationship. In the song, it’s as if I’m looking to this person for help, asking them to jump into things with me because “I can’t swim with sharks.” It’s not a song that denies my past, quite the contrary. It is almost a letter to this person and to those who will listen.

Is this person your ex girlfriend? Do you know about this song?
Yes. The song was born in the summer of 2022, just after the breakup. I played it to her, she knows it’s dedicated to her.

Is there anything that scares you about that stage?
In addition to the usual anxieties, like falling down the stairs? I’m actually just curious. Especially regarding media exposure, your name on everyone’s lips for a week. How? The only real fear is not being able to sing. But I’m preparing well.

I have a vocal coach who has been following me on tour for two years. Since the beginning of January we’ve been working on the song, on the breaths, on the speech. In addition, my physiotherapist will come with me to Sanremo, he gives crazy diaphragm massages. Then lots of tea with honey and good nutrition, which for me means eating what I cook. I’m strong on first courses, gray meat and potatoes above all.

What will her look be like?
Unfortunately the Fantasanremo this year has decided that whoever wears a cap receives a malus. So on that let’s see. I will be me, even aesthetically. No excessive makeup, no dress or stiletto heels. For me it is essential to bring on that stage as I really am. For many it will be unconventional, but I would like it to pass that I am one pischella very normal, who doesn’t like to dress like that, and that’s okay.


Does she have a lucky item that she brings to the stage?
I only have my mother’s wedding ring with me ever since my parents separated. But I don’t lay down my fortune in anything. Sanremo is the occasion par excellence in which what you are prepared counts, there is no faith.

What do you think of the way the Festival tackles big issues?
If Sanremo isn’t an opportunity, what occasion is it? So many Italians glued to the TV shouldn’t be used only to talk about music. Although I think music is not just music. You always learn something: without knowledge, artists teach.

His message on this stage?
It’s not a mystery. My song begins with a feminine line. I think I don’t have to add anything else, because increasing the focus makes what you’re talking about already a diversity. My goal is the opposite. I want to go out holding hands with my girlfriend or boyfriend, in a skirt rather than bald head, with all the peace of mind in the world.

His heart song?
They are three. The first is a song I used to listen to with my father, it is See Cara by Guccini. The second is I’m Outta Time by Oasis and the third is a song that I discovered in Brazil when I lived there in 2018. It was a difficult period: while I was there, my brother was hospitalized in child neuropsychiatry. This song is called I Can’t Handle Change by ROAR (starts the song for us to hear the attack, ed.). It’s very sad, heartbreaking. I am very jealous of this piece.

Who wants to hear competing artists?
For now, I’ve only listened to Tananai’s piece while we were having dinner together. I’m curious to hear Madame’s piece, but also that of gIANMARIA and Mengoni. Definitely also Mara Sattei’s, to hear what Damiano is like (frontman of the MÃ¥neskined.) as author.

Participate to win?
Everyone tells me: «You don’t have to concentrate on the race». But it actually is. I’d like to aim high: I’m not saying win, but I aim for the podium at 5. Meanwhile, on this stage, I’m going to win the challenge against myself.

Source: Vanity Fair

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