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At parties, specialist recommends vaccine and mask for both Covid and flu

Amid the increase in hospitalizations in various regions of the country for respiratory problems, Dr. Juarez Cunha, president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations, reinforced the importance of getting vaccinated and not abandoning basic protection measures, such as masks, washing hands, open and ventilated environments, for meetings with family and friends at the end of the year parties.

The measures, he explained, protect twice against the two outbreaks: Covid-19 and Influenza, the flu virus that spread out of season again this month and is also contributing to the increase in hospitalizations.

“We have a Covid pandemic that has not ended, with a risk of even greater dissemination by the Ômicron variant, and, at the same time, another picture of respiratory transmission, which causes the flu,” said Cunha.

“The pictures are very similar and, unfortunately, what you can do is get vaccinated, for both. (…) In addition to the vaccine, the mask remains the main protection item for all respiratory diseases, in addition to hand washing and avoiding crowding. The rules are the same for Covid and the flu.”

Cunha recalled that the search for the flu vaccine, which usually started in the autumn, had low adherence, which may be contributing to the increase in cases now, even at an unusual time of year.

“This year, the flu vaccination campaign had low adherence, and there are many people now looking for why they didn’t take it at the time,” he said.

* Supervised by Layane Serrano. Text published by Juliana Elias.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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