Author of ‘Renascendo Rico’ says he would travel back in time to meet BTS before fame

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What would your life be like if you went back in time and could use the events of the future in favor of your investments? Knowing, for example, that the movie “Titanic” would become the highest-grossing film in history, or preparing for a major financial crisis that impacted the country and took even the best economists by surprise.

This is what happens in the South Korean drama “Reborn Rich”, which in its 16 episodes tells the journey of a loyal and dedicated secretary who works for the Jin family, owner of a commercial empire, until he is betrayed and ends up murdered. He miraculously wakes up in the body of the conglomerate founder’s youngest grandson, and having traveled through time. With this second chance, he begins to plan his revenge against his relatives – and that includes using all the knowledge of the future in his favor.

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The ending divided opinions, but the drama was the biggest audience hit on South Korean TV in 2022, according to Nielsen Korea, and captivated international fans – including Brazilians, who watched Rakuten Viki streaming attracted so much by the lead actor, Song Joong Ki, as for the plot that unites revenge and fantasy.

The production is actually an adaptation of a homonymous web novel, which is a written story whose chapters are released online. CNN Brasil spoke with the author, who keeps his identity anonymous, but uses the pseudonym San Kyung to sign his works and grant interviews. Check out:

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What inspired you to write the story of “Renascendo Rico”?

Before modern Korea came into being, the Joseon Dynasty was the last dynastic kingdom in Korea. There is a historical event that most Koreans know happened during its establishment: the founder princes had a falling out and the fifth son took the throne.

In modern Korea, the throne belongs to a global corporation, and the head of the corporation has power and authority like a king. “Rising Rich” depicts the event that took place in the Joseon Dynasty in the present day.

How does it feel to see your web soap opera adapted for TV and becoming the most watched drama of 2022 in South Korea?

Thinking from the business side, I’m glad it turned out to be a success. A huge amount of money was invested and countless people worked hard to create this drama. I believe everyone should be happy that it became a mega hit. Personally, I enjoyed seeing the images I had in mind when writing the original novel become more vivid and moving in the TV show.

How was having Song Joong Ki in the drama? What did you think of his performance?

Song Joong Ki is a world-renowned star. It’s still hard to believe that he actually starred in this drama. Although he is 37 years old, he plays a high school student as well as a businessman in his 40s. It is absolutely admirable how dazzling he looks in both his high school uniform and his suit. I couldn’t ask for more!

Many Brazilians are watching and loving “Renascendo Rico”. How do you feel about your story being loved by people from a country so far away from South Korea?

It’s a bizarre experience for me. Even as I’m typing the answers to these questions, it doesn’t feel real. But I’m sure the production team and actors expected this as great actors and crew came together to create this drama. What the Brazilian public loves is not the original telenovela, it is the drama “Renascendo Rico”.

There is a scene in the drama where the character Jin Do Joon mentions that one day, the world will go crazy for Korean songs, movies and dramas. Why do you think they are so successful now?

The success of the Korean Wave* is still hard to believe, even though I am Korean. I’m not sure what brought about its success, but either way, I’m delighted and enjoying the boom.

*Korean Wave: Term used to define the popularization of South Korean culture, whether through music (k-pop), TV (k-dramas), movies (remember “Parasite”, the 2020 Oscar winner?), tourism , food, cosmetics and etc.

“Reborn Rich” sees this powerful Chaebol* family and its members doing whatever they can to gain more money and power. Do you think Chaebol family members watch the drama? If so, what kind of thoughts do you think they have?

They say doctors don’t watch doctor shows and lawyers don’t watch legal shows. As you can imagine, it’s because it’s far from reality. The conglomerates might be intrigued by this drama since it’s all the rage, but I don’t think they’re the biggest fans.

*Chaebol is the term used for conglomerates that are run by families in South Korea, such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG.

What is the biggest message you want people to get from “Reborn Rich”?

I never really intend to convey any messages in my work. The only thing I want my readers to do is forget about exhausting reality while enjoying my work. I would be honored if some of my readers pick up some positive message from my novel.

If it were possible to go back in time, our present would be a rehearsal. You could make the most of your second life and put on the biggest show ever.

Song Joong Ki’s character uses being from the future in favor of his investments, such as telling his father to invest in the movie “Titanic” before it opens. If you could know about any of these events ahead of time to help you financially, which one would you want to know about before anyone else?

BTS! I would love to meet them as a fan before they debut, and then become their manager. (And it would probably relieve me of my financial worries.)

Typically, stories with the reincarnation arc take place in the future. Why did you decide to add time travel to the past?

Before every show, there are rehearsals. You can practice enough during rehearsals to give your best performance at the time of the presentation. If it were possible to go back in time, our present would be a rehearsal. You could make the most of your second life and put on the biggest show ever.

Source: CNN Brasil

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