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Avoid skin problems and find out if your makeup has expired

If you have decided to do a deep cleaning of your room and among all the drawers to clean is the one for your makeup, let me tell you that it is super important that you take all the time necessary to know what is in good condition and what other things are no longer in good condition. is it so.

Believe it or not, makeup is not eternal and has an expiration date. This is not written as in food packaging, but it is essential that you take it into account in order to avoid using it and having skin problems.

Why is it important to dispose of old cosmetics?

Makeup and brushes collection

There are several reasons for you to get rid of those cosmetics that have been with you for more than two years. The most important of all is that these products are used on your skin and since they are expired, it will be much easier for you to get acne breakouts, dermatitis problems or some other similar condition.

How to know the expiration date of makeup?

PAO of makeup product

The easiest way to know it is by labeling Period After Opening (PAO), which tells you the life span of the product after being opened.

You should know that each product varies, so below we tell you what period of time each of the products has depending on its type:

  • Liquid products: They can be foundation, liquid concealer, gel makeup or mousse. These generally have a life span of 12 to 24 months.
  • Compact makeup: This category includes compact powder, shadows, blush, highlighter and tan. They are estimated to have a useful life of 24 months.
  • Mascara: Unlike the previous two, this product has a much shorter life, ranging from three to six months. It is the one that you should be most careful with, since you apply it directly to your eyes.
  • Outlines: Regardless of whether it is cream, pencil, marker or brush, it should be changed every six months.
  • Lipstick: This category includes lipsticks, gloss, lip tints or lip balms. They last 24 months after being opened, although there are some that are only useful for half that time.

Remember: If you usually use natural cosmetics, ask the producer how long it has to last, as this type of makeup generally has less durability than commercial makeup.

Other ways to know if makeup has expired

Makeup collection

The PAO label is printed on the box or packaging of the product, so you may not know its expiration period or do not remember when you opened it.

If this is your case, these tips can help you, since they consist of observing your makeup and thus determine if it is still in good condition.

  • After a few months, the mascara begins to have “fuzz” on your brush. These are mushrooms, so if you notice that in your mascara, better change it, as it is not healthy to continue using it.
  • Liquid products change color and become thicker. If any of your collection is in this state, say goodbye!
  • Those that are in stick or cream acquire an unpleasant or chemical aroma and indicate that their useful life has passed.
  • In the case of the shadows, tan or highlighter is easier to know, since they lose pigmentation and the brushes take time to take the product.

Take care of your makeup in its useful life

Makeup collection

So that your cosmetics remain in good condition and you do not have to replace them continuously, the best thing you can do is always keep them clean and in a cool and dry place, where they cannot be exposed to the sun’s rays and temperature changes are not so sudden. The most important thing to remember is that you should not add something to them that alters their original formula.

In the same way, always keep your brushes clean so that by using both, you do not contaminate your eyeshadow palettes or other products with bacteria from these.

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