Beijing increases surveillance as Covid-19 cases rise ahead of Winter Games

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the cityfrom from Beijing intensified efforts to contain infections by the Covid19, fromcreating the mandatoryfrom from intercompany checks from thatfromhe from cold and demanding that residents cut meetings fromunnecessary.

The measures take place in the face of an increase in local cases for weeks before from the beginning of Games Olympics from Winter.

Beijing had three infections transmitted from domestic shape, with confirmed symptoms, on Wednesday (19), including a fromthose previously reported witho an asymptomatic carrier of the virus on day 18 from janeiro, from wake up with authority datafroms local health facilities, in withstop with a confirmed local infection on day 18.

the cityfrom reported less from fromz local infections from Covid-19 fromsfrom 15 from janeiro, with a fromtection of the variablesbefore Fromlta and Ômicron, a small count in withstop with the rest of the world.

However, the cityfrom and China are still working onwithinscriptions from control any fromtection from cases as soon as possible.

The strategy takes into account an extra urgency, while Beijing and the neighboring province from Hebei prepare to host the Olympics from Winter on day 4 from February.

In addition, the current season from travel on account of withLunar New Year Celebrations increasesat risk from transmission of the virus in the country.

the cityfrom from Beijing fromve immediately initiate total inspections in the industries of the cafromhe from cold and make testing from employees and goods more frequently, the municipal government said in a note on the night from Wednesday, after some infections were fromdetected in workers in the sector from refrigerators.

Residents are advised to reduce movement and gatherings fromunnecessary, while children, older and healthy peoplefrom more fragile fromwould avoid crowded public spaces, said the officialfrom municipal sanitary in note on Wednesday.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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