Bella Hadid, summer of love with her new boyfriend Marc Kalman

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Your relationship, Bella Hadid e Marc Kalman they wanted to keep it secret for several months. Seven, they say. The couple, who were guests in France for the Cannes Film Festival then decided to come out, would have liked to wait to understand what bound them: whether a passing passion or a true feeling. So, after the first meeting, he would have decided to keep the love story to himself, to reveal himself publicly only on the occasion of the summer. This season, during which Bella Hadid lost her desire and need for privacy.

The model, sister of Gigi Hadid, has dropped every curtain of secrecy. And, in Antibes, she was photographed with her new boyfriend. The two, with a friend, went out on the boat, to then return to rest on the rocks. Embraced in the middle of the sea, they allowed the paparazzi to immortalize them, almost careless to put their secret love in the streets. On the rocks, they cuddled: Marc Kalman, art director friend of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, opened a towel to wrap his girlfriend, who then held tight to him. Bella Hadid stretched her arms around Kalman’s neck, kissed him. She smiled at him. And, certain today that it is love, she has presented to the world the new companion, the first after The Weeknd.

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