How to use the cold air in summer: anti-hot hairstyling tips

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In summer thehairdryer it transforms from an indispensable and indispensable beauty tool to the most feared one. The reason? It’s hot and its jet of hot air frightens even the most faithful to styling.

The good news is that high temperature is not always necessary for a curated styling, you just need to know how to play with the right accessories that give a cosmetic appearance to the texture. This also avoids the classic frizz effect that forms when the hair is left to dry completely naturally, without sacrificing the freedom of movement that lengths deserve during the summer season.

«I recommend always performing an essential pre-drying to remove the water from the hair, then stopping it in a bun and using the diffuser at a low temperature. Thus the hair acquires a natural movement without the need to use the brush “, says hairstylist Davide Diodovich, Creative Director @ DDTheStudio and Dyson Ambassador for Italy. «High temperatures are not needed, the Dyson diffuser gives the same effect as a natural drying but eliminating frizz. We don’t have to rely on heat for perfect hairstyling, but on technology. Curls who want to smooth out the shape can use the detangling comb of Supersonic which, after the application of a nourishing product, helps to create softer waves ».

The result of this smart drying is a naturally wavy hair with baby hair easy to manage. To simplify the routine is the new Flyaway accessory by Dyson Supersonic, which can also be used with cold air. Dyson science has always challenged high temperatures by developing innovative technologies that respect hair health without compromising styling performance. The new accessory takes advantage of theCoanda effect to hide baby hair and out of place hair, eliminating the electrostatic effect and without extreme heat. This Coanda effect attracts and lifts longer hair by pushing baby hair inward and hiding it from view. The reduction of the electrostatic effect increases the alignment of the strands and accentuates the natural shine of the hair.

«Flyaway is used by stroking the hair with cold air and allows you to immediately give a shiny appearance to the texture. It also works on wavy hair, just touch it keeping the temperature at level 1 to remove frizz from the roots without altering the natural movement of the lengths “, says David. «Flyaway is the hair revolution because it saves the style of the next day, especially after the humidity of summer nights, and avoids using too many products that can weigh down the hair».

Technology and good products protective are the winning combination to arrive in September with healthy hair and put color retouching in the salon on the agenda. «After the holidays, the natural lightening settles down and becomes even more beautiful. I recommend waiting until the end of the month to lower the tone and prepare your hair for the change of season ».

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