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Berlin on highest level of security due to Erdogan’s visit – The exact itinerary of the Turkish president has not been revealed

At the highest level of security, Berlin will welcome the president of Turkey tomorrow Tayyip Erdoganin his first visit to the German capital since September 2018. The situation with the crisis in the Middle East and Turkish president’s support for Hamas makes the visit particularly sensitive and the security measures are expected to be extremely strict.

According to the Berlin police, they are expected tomorrow and the day after “significant restrictions” on traffic, while dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrations have already been announced, as well as Kurdish rallies against Tayyip Erdogan. For security reasons, police have not disclosed the exact routes where Tayyip Erdogan’s motorcade will follow nor the roads that will be closed. The preparation of the security protocol is still underway, according to Tagesspiegel.

In the early afternoon, the Turkish president will go to the Bellevue Palace, where he will be received by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and then to the chancellery, for a working dinner with the chancellor Olaf Solz. It remains unclear whether the two leaders will hold a joint press conference. According to information so far, no major public appearances are planned for Mr. Erdogan and in all likelihood he will not attend the friendly football match between the national teams of Germany and Turkeywhich will be held on Saturday at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and will not appear at a pro-Palestinian demonstration, as reported by APE-MPE.

For tomorrow, from 6 a.m. to midnight, a notice has been issued for him blocking roads around the presidential palace and the chancellery, as well as access to the River Spree. Permanent residents of the areas should bring an identity card, while gatherings are also prohibited.

It is not yet known whether measures similar to those of the 2018 visit will be implemented, when airspace was blocked, snipers were deployed, specially trained dogs carried out extensive explosives checks and police boats patrolled the Spree. On that visit, 4,000 police officers were employed in the security operation and the Berlin region was declared under a state of emergency.

Source: News Beast

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