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Biden Says Predicted ‘Republic Wave’ Didn’t Happen in Elections

US President Joe Biden opened his speech Wednesday afternoon calling the midterm elections “a good day for democracy” and a “good morning for America.”

“The American people have spoken, it shows that Democracy is who we are,” the president said. He added that the election took place “without much interference”.

While acknowledging that all the results are not available, Biden went on to discuss the ones we know of at this stage.

“While the press and pundits are predicting a giant red wave [vitória majoritária do Partido Republicano], This did not happened. I know you were a little annoyed by my obsessive optimism, but I felt good throughout the entire process.”

Biden said any seat his party lost was painful, but that he “lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than the first midterm election of any Democratic president in 40 years.”

voter frustration

The president also addressed voters’ frustrations, despite Democrats performing better than expected this election season, during his White House remarks, pondering, “I understand.”

“Voters have also made it clear that they are still frustrated. I get it. I understand that these were very difficult years in this country for so many people,” Biden said.

He went on to list the ways his government is facing obstacles like the Covid-19 pandemic and a reeling economy.

“And we’re just getting started. The interesting thing is that all of this is really going to become clear to people in the month of – in the months of January, February, March of next year. It’s just getting started. So I’m optimistic that the public will be even more understanding of what we’ve done,” Biden said.

Ready to work with Republicans

Joe Biden signaled how he would try to work if Republicans win a majority in the House, but made it clear that there are some issues he won’t compromise on. THE CNN has not yet designed the control of the Chamber.

“I am prepared to work with my fellow Republicans. The American people have made it clear, I think, that they expect Republicans to be prepared to work with me as well.”

Biden indicated that he expects cooperation to continue to deliver aid to Ukraine. “In the area of ​​foreign policy, I hope that we will continue a bipartisan approach to confronting Russian aggression in Ukraine,” he stressed.

The president also pointed out what he doesn’t want to see happen. “I will not support any Republican proposal that will worsen inflation” and “I will not walk away from the historic commitments we just made to address the climate crisis,” he warned.

Winning a majority in the House would give Republicans the power to set the agenda in the House. House Republicans would also have subpoena power and control over powerful committees — and they made it clear that they would make investigations into the Biden administration a priority.

On the legislative front, there would be some compelling policy issues — such as government funding — that would test the ability of Republicans and Democrats to work together if the GOP controls the House.

Asked if he believed the “Trump supporter fever” had been broken, Biden said: “I don’t think we’re going to break the fever of MAGA’s most ardent Republicans.” [Make America Great Again — lema adotado por Donald Trump]🇧🇷 But I think they are more of a minority of the Republican Party.”

Camera Control

The president was asked about GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s comment last night that Republicans will get a majority in the House.

Biden responded that he thinks Democrats still have the ability to keep the House, but noted that “it will be close.”

“It’s a moving target now, but it’s going to be very close,” the president said at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon (9).

He was asked about his relationship with McCarthy, noting that he hasn’t talked to him much, but that he believes they will talk later today.

In terms of how they will work together in the future, Biden said, “there’s always enough people on the other team, whether it’s Democrat or Republican, that the opposing party can appeal, maybe select them for help.”

Plans for the next elections

The President of the United States also noted that it remains his intention to run for re-election in 2024.

Asked how he interprets the results of these elections in terms of seeking another term – and whether the results make it more likely – the president said they have not affected his and his family’s thinking.

“Our intention is to compete again. That has been our intention. Regardless of the outcome of this election,” Biden said at a White House press conference after joking that his wife Jill, who was sitting in the audience, would be more popular than he was in the Democratic Party.

Asked when he will be able to announce his candidacy for reelection, the president said it is possible that he will do so early next year.

“My guess is I hope Jill and I have time to really get away for a week or so between Christmas and Thanksgiving. And my guess is that it would be at the beginning of next year that we will make this judgment”, he pondered.

He called the decision a “family decision.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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