“Black fungus” in India: Tens of thousands of cases – More than 4,000 dead

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More than 45,000 cases «black fungus, A 50% fatal fungal infection, has been reported in the last two months by the India, while more than 4,200 people have died from this rare disease, mucormycosis.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health Barati Pravin Power this disease is spreading among those who are stuck coronavirus, after their recovery, as he stated in the parliament of the country.

In fact, this very aggressive infection forced surgeons to proceed to removal of eyes, nose and jaw in some patients to prevent the infection from reaching the brain.

According to the government, the state Maharashtra (west) is most affected by 9,348 cases, as broadcast by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

India recorded just 20 cases of “black fungus” in the year before the Covid-19 pandemic, with this disease mainly affecting people with immunodeficiency, with very high blood sugar, who had AIDS or had an organ transplant.

Experts attributed this spectacular rise in the incidence of this disease to excessive steroid use for the care of patients with Covid-19.

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