Boris Pistorius is the new defense minister of Germany after the resignation of Christine Lambrecht

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The appointment of Boris Pistorius as Minister of Defense after resignation of Christine Lambrecht the chancellery announced on Tuesday (17/1). The new minister will receive his appointment mandate from Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday and will then be sworn in at the Bundestag.

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“I am very happy to have won an excellent politician of our country for the position of Minister of Defense. Boris Pistorius is an extremely experienced politician who has been tried and tested in command, he has been involved in security policy for years and with his skills, tenacity and big heart, he is exactly the right person to lead the Bundeswehr at this point turning point” pointed out Olaf Solz, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

In the same announcement it is also pointed out that for the selection of Mrs. Lambrecht’s replacement, consultations were held with the leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

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Boris Pistorius has already been congratulated on his appointment by the leader of the Liberal Party (FDP) and Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, with his post on Twitter.

62-year-old Boris Pistorius has been Mayor of Osnabruck for seven years and has served as Minister of the Interior and Sports in Lower Saxony since 2013, and is considered highly experienced in matters of internal security. In 2019, he also ran for the leadership of the Social Democratic Party, against Olaf Solz.

With his appointment to the federal government, the balance of the number of men – women is disturbed and it is possible that other movements will follow.

Source: News Beast

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