Break stereotypes by working as a plumber in a men’s career

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Over time, women have been covering a greater number of areas in which to work, even mastering activities that had always been considered typically masculine.

Despite that, we were quite surprised to discover a girl on Tik Tok who is breaking stereotypes. This is Yana Marks, who at the age of 17 began as a plumber’s apprentice, daring to do rough and quite heavy work.

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a blonde girl has one arm raised as a sign of victory, her blonde hair is tied up in two braids and she is wearing dark sportswear with shorts and a t-shirt, her tennis shoes and socks are white

Currently, perhaps unintentionally, Yana is a content creator, as she began to share various videos on her Tik Tok account @yanammarkss where she shows how she develops her work with professionalism and without making any difference because she is a woman, because you can still see her digging, welding, drilling the floor, uncovering pipes, etc.

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Of course, to achieve greater strength it is necessary to keep training very hard in the gym, in fact, his videos lifting weights at different times have also invaded his account.

a young plumber fixing a clogged pipe has a cable in one of her hands and the other has it stuck in a pipe of the pipes she wears black shorts and a red shirt

Yana looks very happy developing her work, because it seems that she really enjoys doing it, although she has not stopped showing her followers how mistreated her hands are and the difficulties that she sometimes has to overcome.

a girl doing plumbing work wears black work boots black shorts and a red shirt is opening a trench on the floor

Internet users do not stop praising her effort and courage, showing that when you have the will to do things, everything is possible.

Source: Okchicas

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