Britain: Only fully vaccinated in clubs and crowded events

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THE Boris Johnson defended today the lifting of almost all restrictions against him coronavirus in England despite the increase in cases in the country, saying, typically, “if not now, when?”, during an online press conference was made online, as he is in isolation after his contact with the Minister of Health, who tested positive for the virus.

The British Prime Minister clarified that the pandemic is not overHowever, he argued that “there comes a point after so many have been vaccinated that further restrictions do not prevent hospitalization and death, but simply delay the inevitable”.

He also expressed the hope that “Freedom Day” and the new period marked by June 19 for the country will not be reversed, but admitted that a new variant of Covid could lead to the need for a new state reaction.

Among other things, Boris Johnson stood in the crowded images at club – which opened in the early hours of Monday – announcing that admission to nightclubs and other major events from the end of September will be allowed only for fully vaccinated, as a negative coronavirus test will not be enough, he said.

On the other hand, based on the relaxation plan that was announced and which the Prime Minister confirmed tonight that it will be valid, from now on the country will not there are limits for how many people can meet while the rule for “ends” distances.

In addition, the use of mask by law, although there are specific exceptions (eg hospitals) and recommendations (for use in places with concurrency e.g.).

It is worth mentioning that in Scotland the measures are also changing, with looser limits on concentrations, etc., however masks will remain mandatory in shops and public transport.

Vaccination for clinically vulnerable 12-15 year olds

It is noted that Britain will extend the vaccination program against covid-19 to vulnerable adolescents aged 12-15 years, as announced by the British government. Currently, young people over the age of 16 can be vaccinated if they are clinically very vulnerable or at high risk due to underlying chronic diseases, according to the RES EIA.

From now on, the vaccination program will be extended to “children aged 12-15 years old who suffer from severe neurological disabilities, Down syndrome, are immunosuppressed and with multiple disabilities,” the minister in charge of vaccination told parliament. Nadim Zahawi.

It will also concern 12-17 year olds who are in contact, at home, with immunocompromised individuals, completed, as well as young people aged 17, in the three months before their 18th birthday.

The vaccine that will be used will be Pfizer/BioNTech, approved for over 12 years by the UK regulator.

This decision follows a recommendation of the committee tasked with advising the government on the development of the vaccination program, which since December has allowed a second dose to be given to 68.5% of the adult population.

The commission does not currently recommend the vaccination of children under 18 without underlying diseases, the Minister of Health underlined in a press release Sajid Javid, but continues to study the “new data” and “will consider whether to recommend vaccination under the age of 18 without underlying diseases at a later date”.

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