Britain: The London Fire Brigade is accused of institutional misogyny and racism

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Racist and macho behaviorssexual harassment: his Fire Department London it is accused, by an independent investigation, of a “toxic” environment that allowed abuse and bullying, with its leadership declaring that it will henceforth demonstrate “zero tolerance” for such phenomena.

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The London Fire Brigade (LFB) called for this investigation last yearfollowing the suicide of a 21-year-old firefighter who claimed that his colleagues were harassing him because he was of Caribbean descent.

After collecting more than 2,000 testimonies from former and current corps members, the researchers concluded that there was “institutional misogyny and racism”as reported on Twitter by Nazir Afzal, former prosecutor and head of the investigation, the conclusions of which will soon be made public.

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The British media reported for example the case of a Muslim fireman, in whose pockets some colleagues stuffed bacon and sausages. Others urinated on a woman’s helmet while male firefighters mocked a female colleague about her weight by mimicking the noise a truck makes. A black fireman found a noose in his closet.

“The report contains descriptions of shocking behavior and painful experiences experienced by firefighters over the years, especially women, minorities and members of the LGBTQI+ community”LFB said in its statement.

“Discrimination, harassment and bullying have no place here and the Fire Departmentstarting today, will make it clear what behavior is unacceptable and what will have consequences,” said chief Andy Rowe, who wants to “restore trust between firefighters and with the communities we serve.”

Following the recommendations of the commission of inquiry, Rowe intends to implement a policy of “zero tolerance” by imposing sanctions. Firefighters will also be required to wear body cameras when in contact with the public and take awareness classes.

London Fire Brigade is the largest in Britain, with 5,000 members. There are about 500 women and fewer than 500 minority firefighters.

Source: News Beast

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