Britain: Thousands take to the streets of London to support Ukrainians

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Thousands rallied in London today to support the Ukrainians, a month after Russia invaded the country, with the mayor of the British capital criticizing the government’s actions against refugees.

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The crowd held Ukrainian flags and placards reading “Peace in Ukraine” and chanting slogans calling for an end to the war.

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Among the protesters was 43-year-old Zenadin Tkalenko, from Kyiv, who now lives in south London.

“Our country has been attacked, Britain, I hope, could help,” he told the British news agency PA.

The march in London started from Hyde Park and ended in Trafalgar Square, where a rally took place, following the call of the Labor Mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan.

“We condemn Putin’s barbaric attack and know that Ukrainians see these images, we want them to know that, in these dark hours, they are not alone,” the London mayor told Sky News, urging the government to do more to help. the Ukrainian refugees.

“I talk regularly with leaders in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland,” he said. “When I compare what our country and our government have done, I am ashamed.”

Source: Capital

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