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Can Yaman, obsessed with fans, moves home

Can Yaman move house. Because he can’t stand the excessive attention of his fans anymore more relentless and continuous assaults suffered by all the women with whom he accompanies. The Turkish actor, who lives in Romeannounced it with a harsh outburst in his Instagram Stories: “I will definitely change the house in Rome not because I leave, but because people have crossed all limits here. I can no longer cope with the stalking I suffer, or with the aggression that every woman who associates with me must sufferif it is not what you accept ».

Archived in August 2021 the much talked about story with Diletta Leotta, for months the handsome actor has been, at least officially, single. And perhaps it is precisely for this reason that the most ardent fans do not give him peace. What is certain is that he, as shown by his social outburst, no longer: «I tried to always be reserved, but at the same time united with you. I tried to find this exceptional balance …I love you, but I also love myselflet’s relax… I hope we can all find peace, because I need it so much ».

In his post the actor clarifies that he has no intention of leaving Italy (“I want to say to those who really love me: be calm, I’m not going away”) and that indeed his next job will be in our country. «My next project is set in Italy. A global project on a very important platform. The actors, especially the international ones, move according to the project, we are never permanent anywhere, this is the nature of the profession ». Can Yaman remains in Italy but wants to protect his privacy, at the cost of moving to a new home whose address is currently top secret. Given the resourcefulness of her fans, however, it is likely that the secret will not last long.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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