Can’t stand 24 hours – Hackers attack Donald Trump’s new social media platform

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Hackers attacked the new social media platform that announced that the former will create President of the USA, Donald Trump. Less than 24 hours have passed since he announced it creation of the new company «Trump Media & Technology Group» and application «Truth Social»!

In the announcement that in 2022 the new social networking site will be launched…, internet users could create accounts using a published link. Immediately, various users started creating their accounts.

In fact, the Drew Harwell, a journalist on its technological issues «Washington Post», reported that an account with the name «donaldjtrump» in the «Truth Social» had already been attacked by hackers. However, it remains unknown whether the account actually belongs to Trump. In general, however, there was chaos, but also laughter with the accounts that leaked through other social media that theoretically made trolls or even the creators of the website itself, which was vulnerable to attacks. An account, for example, has already loaded all the “truths” that the former said Chairman.

Eventually, the page “downloaded” and other users could not create accounts. At the same time, the «New York Times» reported that they are in contact with his team Donald Trump because he used a photo where their logo is presented, without having obtained permission beforehand.

In the announcement of the creation of the social media application, the Trump stated that his goal is to put up with the big tech companies that fired him from their own social media after invading the Capitol on January 6th. The billionaire businessman had previously revealed that he wanted to build his own medium. Last May, in order to communicate with his followers, he created a new section on his website entitled “From the office of Donald J. Trump ». The blog soon stopped working due to its low readability.

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