How envious! Kourtney and Travis criticized for passionately kissing at Disney

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are so in love that they love to show off passion in public, to shout to everyone how happy they are to be together. At the beginning, at fans They loved that they could not be still, but now many believe that it is time to set certain limits, especially if they are in places where there are children, such as Disney.

The couple recently visited the park for a fun day at the attractions, but then they had one of their lapse romantics to have a passionate kiss and people did not like the idea very much.

It was just a passionate kiss, very passionate

Travis is proud of their relationship and that is why he shared on his Instagram account the video and the photograph in which you can see how he carries Kourtney to give him a very passionate kiss afterwards, as if there was no one else around him.

The intensity of their romance was precisely what bothered the users of the networks, who immediately criticized the behavior of the couple because they assured that this “is not a suitable place for such demonstrations.”

Travis kissing Kourtney at Disneyland

You are parents. They are in an amusement park for children. Grow up and be a good example.

In Disneyland and this is how you have to be with him? There is a suitable time and place.

Why do you always have to carry her like a baby? It’s too much! I really hope it’s not your son who recorded this!

Travis kissing Kourtney at Disneyland

Everything seems to indicate that the families who visited the park did not like at all the idea that the couple showed their love in front of so many people, but the real question is: why does love offend them so much?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if it’s an LGBTQ + community couple or a straight couple, people will always criticize when someone loves each other so much. In the end, it was just a little kiss, right?

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