Casagrande gets emotional when answering about chemical dependency at À Prioli

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“I’m not worried about who’s going to attack me. I’m worried about who will understand”, said Walter Casagrande in À Prioli. The former football player and commentator said that, during an autograph session for one of his books, a reader shared a personal moment: “I was with my husband watching Faustão, you told your story and your son said that, for win him back, he would have to work hard because you were no longer his best friend. My husband and I started crying a lot. But the program changed and my husband kept crying. I didn’t understand and then he told me he was a cocaine user”.

Casagrande was moved and said that he has heard similar stories in several places, such as airports, cinemas and theaters, and that is why he always talks shamelessly about his experience with drugs. The former player also talked about his passions for cinema and music, his friendship with Socrates and his political positioning in football.

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Listen to the full episode:

Source: CNN Brasil

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