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Chancellor discusses with Lula on Thursday (16) new repatriation list from Gaza

Chancellor Mauro Vieira is expected to discuss with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), on Thursday (16), the preparation of a new list of Brazilians and close relatives who want to leave the Gaza Strip, amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to members of the government’s diplomatic area, to date, at least 60 people have already shown interest in being repatriated to Brazil.

On Tuesday (14), the chancellor asked for a survey of those interested in leaving Gaza for the Brazilian Representation in Palestine and the embassies in Israel and Egypt. It is based on this information that the chancellor will discuss the topic with the president.

According to CNN found, Vieira intends to discuss with Lula the criteria accepted for the inclusion of those interested in the new list. Today, one of the concerns is the degree of kinship that would be accepted in a new relationship.

On Monday (13), Lula, upon receiving the 32 repatriates from Gaza at the Brasília Air Base, promised the government’s effort to bring all those who are interested to Brazil.

“We will try to make every effort within the reach of Brazilian diplomacy to try to bring the Brazilians who are there and who want to return to Brazil”, declared Lula upon hearing the appeal of the repatriates.

According to members of Itamaraty, in addition to defining the criteria, it is still necessary to verify when Israel and Egypt will agree to discuss the departure of new foreigners. Since the opening of the Rafah crossing, 3,000 of the 7,000 people of other nationalities have left.

Despite the discussion about the departure of a new group from Gaza, Brazilian diplomats avoid talking about deadlines and creating unrealistic expectations at this time.

Source: CNN Brasil

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