Home Entertainment Chiara Bersani and Virna Toppi, the voice of the body

Chiara Bersani and Virna Toppi, the voice of the body

Chiara Bersani and Virna Toppi, the voice of the body

Words are not always needed to give a strong message, to create empathy with those in front of us. They move on stage without saying anything, yet capable of creating intense communication with their audience. They meet here Chiara Bersani, a performer who has made theatrical research her life by transforming her fragile body into a banner of strength, and Virna Top, who took her first dance steps at the age of 7 and is now the prima ballerina of the Teatro alla Scala.

Beware of them body, they train daily, but the part psychological is perhaps the one that needs to be trained the most: «To be emotionally vibrant, always stay in constant contact with other people. Training my gaze to welcome and confront “, explains Chiara, and Virna adds,” The mental approach is fundamental: the more you are ready to give yourself, the more the public will notice this and will respond to you “.

They speak of empathy, of successes and difficulties, launching important messages, with specific requests to the Government, so that art and, with art, also its workers are respected.

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