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Chilean government rebuffs truck drivers and says companies set rates

On the seventh day of the truck drivers’ strike, Chile’s Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, said that “those who define the tariffs paid to transporters are the companies that generate the cargo, not the government.”

In this sense, he guaranteed that “if there are tariff problems, what corresponds is that transporters and companies are in agreement, it is important that truck drivers understand it”.

For this reason, he ratified that “the drivers ask the government to reduce the price of fuel and what corresponds is that they ask the companies that hire them for an increase in tariffs”.

“They don’t need to ask Chileans to solve problems privately. We made proposals that solve the problems, we put concrete solutions on the table,” he said.

Finally, he reiterated that “there is no reason not to reach agreements, it is difficult to find a basis and I want to call them back: do not occupy Chile to resolve your internal conflicts.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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