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Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Luca Ravenna: «It’s better not to joke about football»

Stand up comedy without an audience is like play tennis without the ball. It is one of the maxims of Luke Ravennaguest of the second day of the Vanity Fair Stories 2022. “But even worse is having an audience that does not laugh», he reveals on stage at the Teatro Lirico Gaber in Milan. “That’s like being inexplicably on the central of Wimbledon and realizing that you don’t know how to play tennis. And it happened to me too: it’s fundamental switch from shows where people don’t laugh.”

“Worst night of my life? I made it to Sabaudiaa very strong right-wing area, I had to go on stage before a debate between Santanchché And Boldrini. I introduce myself: “My family is from Jewish origin, but wait till you hear my mother’s surname, which is Levi”. The silence I heard there was the beginning of the thirty minutes longest of my life. But these things shape you: the first few times you perform, if people don’t laugh at the joke, you tend to rush to the next one».

But what makes Luca Ravenna laugh? «When I can identify in a group of people who are talking, one who try making a joke and no one hears it and his heart breaks. She then says it again and she understands that the others have heard it and they pretended nothing happened. And even better if there is another person who is laughing while watching why he understood the situation» jokes the comedian. «I have found myself many times in this situation and seeing someone else it makes me enjoy a lot».

«The theme that should not be touched upon in Italy? Football is too much felt. It’s better to avoid the topic, especially on social media » concludes Ravenna. “That’s why I’ll do it soon a podcast about sports».

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