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Christodoulidis on the sanctions: I am not here to cover for anyone

“We were informed yesterday about some natural and legal persons – which will be announced today – by the American and British governments and these data will be evaluated very seriously by the competent services of the Republic”, said the President of Cypriot Democracy Nikos Christodoulidis.

In statements he made in Larnaca and asked about the issue of sanctions by the American and British governments, Mr. Christodoulidis added:

“However, I want to send a message because in the last few days I have been hearing from some people, receiving some messages, some are scornful that the government supposedly accepts the decisions of foreign governments, the Americans, the British, and that we are endangering the relevant industry. The message is clear: I’m not here to cover for anyone. When and for those who violate sanctions and create a problem in the name of the country and the industry itself – because that is how a problem is created in the industry, the legal route should be followed. Whatever is given to the Republic will be evaluated and, if it is based on real data, action will be taken. Only in this way will we protect an important industry of the Cypriot economy. When there is a bad apple, to continue from a comment I heard this morning, it should be removed. And I repeat, we are not here to cater to anyone. I want to be clear”.

Asked what steps the government will take, Mr President of the Republic he said, as reported by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, that “the first is to evaluate the data, if it is real data to take all those actions. Only in this way will the name of our country, the reliability of this important activity in our economy be guaranteed.”

Source: News Beast

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