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Cobra baby that had disappeared at the Butantan Institute is found

A baby cobra snake, which had been missing for more than a month, was found at the Butantan Institute this Thursday (06).

The Institute had already opened an investigation to investigate the case and informed the CNN in a note, that the animal was located in a duct at the Institute’s Herpetology Laboratory, in the west zone of São Paulo.

The place is only frequented by professionals and researchers, so this fact did not put visitors at risk, according to the institution.

When the snake disappeared, the foundation believed that the snake had escaped through the laboratory’s internal drain and died in the pipes. In any case, traps were placed to possibly capture the fugitive.

The entity also made serum available against the snake’s venom, if necessary. The substance released by the animal can lead to death if not treated immediately after the bite.

The snake was found alive and is receiving appropriate care by the Butantan research team.

Source: CNN Brasil

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