Cold case Cesena: Chiara and Cristina killed by the same person in 1992

Cold case Cesena: Chiara and Cristina killed by the same person in 1992

Two cold case, unsolved cases, which may have only one solution. The year is the 1992. Hard to forget in a city that is not as big as it is Cesenathe disappearance, a few weeks apart, of two young girls. Cristina Golinucci he was 21 years old. All traces of her were lost on September 1 of that year in front of the convent of the Capuchin Friars of Cesena where she had gone for her confession. Her car remained here, she was never found. Clare Bolognesi she was 18 when she disappeared on 7 October 1992, after having been to visit a friend in Ponte Abbadesse. Her body was found in the Savio River on October 31 of that same year.

More than 30 years ago, the Forlì prosecutor’s office has opened a murder file against unknown persons for the exhumation of Chiara Bolognesi’s body on which new investigations could be made with modern techniques in search of the killer’s DNA. This case, as has already happened in the past without success, has been compared to that of the disappearance of Cristina Golinucci. The data that could come from the new investigation into Chiara’s body could also lead to revelations about Cristinawhose mother, Marisa Degli Angeli, has never stopped asking for the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Then hundreds of hundreds of anonymous phone calls arrived signaling possible leads. One, only made known in 2012, also reached the parish priest of Ronta. According to his account, a stranger called to say that they would find Chiara’s body in the Wise and that of Cristina in Tibernear a Capuchin convent where there were two friars who had previously been to Cesena.

The objective of the new investigation is to ascertain the possible existence of a connection between the two unsolved cases. The investigations, again according to what the local news reports, would be directed towards a man from the city’s Catholic milieu.

The lawyer Barbara Iannuccelli of the Penelope association he explained that at the Resto del Carlino “an investigative track never beaten before and which will lead, we hope, also to the discovery of Cristina’s body” is being followed. She explains the lawyer: «Cristina had graduated from the same school as Chiara, she knew the same people as Chiara and the two girls attended the same voluntary association. There is, therefore, a single assassin who killed them both. It’s time for the wall of silence to collapse and we appeal to those who know how to speak to get justice done for these two poor girls. And we can’t wait for this killer to go to jail. We are waiting for Cristina to finally return home and for her to be given a proper burial.”

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