Comércio invests in qualification with a college focused on the retail sector

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With a focus on the qualification of workers in the retail sector, Faculdade do Comércio de São Paulo (FAC-SP) was created two years ago by Instituto Paulista de Ensino Superior do Comércio S/A.

Wilson Victorio Rodrigues, director general of the institution, says that the proposal made by the Faculty of Commerce was based on data from the sector that pointed to the low qualification of retail workers.

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“People enter the job market through commerce. Usually the first job is in commerce, but the employee does not create his career in this sector, that is, he does not want to become a manager, supervisor, director”, she points out.

Thinking about this scenario, Rodrigues recalls that he met with great retail entrepreneurs, such as Luiza Trajano, Flávio Rocha, among others, who confirmed this perception of the lack of qualified labor for the sector. “It was from this point that we set up the college, together with the São Paulo Commercial Association, the entity that represents commerce and retail”, he says.

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“The faculty of commerce is the only one in Brazil focused on retail, there is no other. Unlike Sebrae and Senac, which focus more on vocational education at a technical level, FAC has this proposal for higher education, for a more strategic training”, says Wilson Victorio Rodrigues, the institution’s general director, which has some retail entrepreneurs among the team. of teachers.

Among them, Pedro Parente – chairman of BRF’s Board of Directors; Andrea Matarazzo – administrator, diplomat, entrepreneur; Décio Sonohara – Executive Director of Infrastructure at Magazine Luiza and Flávio Rocha – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Guararapes.

In addition to face-to-face classes, the college also offers distance learning. According to Rodrigues, all the content of the online classes is produced within the college, there is no outsourced content.

Rodrigues also highlights that FAC is following the change that commerce has been going through in the world, especially the impact of the pandemic on global e-commerce.

A more recent research on the quality of higher education, published in Guia da Faculdade, prepared by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, in partnership with Quero Educação, brought the Faculdade do Comércio de São Paulo (FAC-SP), among the five best higher education institutions in the country.

Trade in Brazil

Sales in the Brazilian retail trade registered growth of 1.1% in September, compared to the previous month, informed the IBGE this Wednesday (9). This is the first growth in five months.

In comparison with September 2021, the sector recorded an increase of 3.2%. In the year, the sector accumulated an increase of 0.8%, and, in the last 12 months, a decrease of 0.7%. In the annual comparison, the sector presents the second high in a row.

The September result is 3.6% below the record level of October 2020 and 2.8% above the pre-pandemic level (February 2020), says the IBGE.

Six of the eight activities surveyed showed positive change at the end of the month: Books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (2.5%), Office, IT and communication equipment and supplies (1.7%), Fuels and lubricants (1.3 %), Hiper, supermarkets, food products, beverages and tobacco (1.2%), Textiles, clothing and footwear (0.7%) and Pharmaceutical, medical, orthopedic and perfumery articles (0.6%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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