Companies look for consultancies to co-create new ways of doing business

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Digital transformation is a reality and is already part of the daily lives of people and businesses. The pandemic showed that companies that were already working with digital solutions did better, as they were better prepared to serve the market and its new consumption habits.

Now, organizations around the world are looking to leverage technology to transform the way they meet customer demands, improve processes and, most importantly, remain solid in the marketplace.

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For that, you need to apply the right technology solutions and have all the support to run and be successful from end to end. In this race for digital transformation, business leaders know where the shortcomings are in workflows, but they need partnerships and alliances to apply technology solutions creatively to innovate quickly, optimize processes and accelerate results.

Within this scenario, the IBM Consulting gains more and more relevance and an unprecedented demand. Precisely because it fills this gap for companies, offering collaborative work, in which its consultants dive into the organization’s problems to co-create, develop, produce and apply IBM digital solutions quickly, safely and with guaranteed results.

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“Our consulting role is to make the client understand where he can apply all the digital solutions we have available, to put them into production and get results. It’s no use simply buying a technology and not being able to apply it to solve a business problem. Therefore, consulting professionals need to have a deep understanding of the industry and the client’s changing need.” says Marco Kalil, Head of IBM Consulting in Brazil.

With 140,000 skilled professionals in more than 150 countries, the full breadth of IBM’s consulting services includes strategy, automation, business process design and operations, data and analytics, systems integration, application modernization and operations, hybrid cloud management and implementation of artificial intelligence.

Currently, IBM is focusing on 2 technology vectors: hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). These two technologies are in the spotlight and will guide the company’s operations in this and the coming years. It is worth mentioning that all digital solutions are linked to the security area, which is extremely important in IBM’s portfolio.

The strength of the ecosystem

A recent example that reflects the speed and efficiency of technological solutions is TIM offering service through Amazon’s Alexa. The operator’s new relationship channel, implemented in partnership with IBM Consulting, is an ambitious project that makes the experience omnichannel of the most friendly, agile and efficient customers.

According to a study by IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), 44% of Brazilian CEOs say that partnerships and alliances have increased in importance after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Customers have realized that they cannot be successful alone. That to win the market and reach the various sectors in which they operate, they need the ecosystem. They need to create platforms and alliances with various companies that make up their ecosystem.”, points out Kalil.

Another highlight that will guide all organizations are the practices Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Sustainability is the watchword and companies that do not work in favor of the environment, the society in which they operate and the diversity of their employees, will be out of the market.

IBM provides strategic consulting for the client to develop the ESG area, closely monitoring all the points and care that this operation needs.

As you can see, digital transformation is necessary for the survival of an organization. About to complete 105 years in Brazil, IBM is more modern than ever. The power to transform itself over the years comes from the company’s main foundation: creating technologies to help and serve people in the best possible way.

“The transformation goes far beyond the adoption of new technologies, what really matters is that it brings positive experiences to people, whether they are employees, consumers or any citizen who may be impacted by these new technologies. The world is driven by people and knowing what they think and want is what moves us.” completes Kalil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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