Coronavirus: An unvaccinated 20-year-old died in Australia

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An unvaccinated 20-year-old succumbed to COVID-19 at his home in Sydney, authorities said.

He is one of the youngest victims of the new coronavirus pandemic in Australia from its manifestation in the mainland of Oceania.

The young man was on 13 days in solitary confinement in his home after being diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 when his condition deteriorated rapidly, according to authorities. He was living with another person, who has been admitted to hospital as he also has symptoms of COVID-19.

The death of the young man emphasizes how dangerous the virus is and how important the immunization campaign is, The authorities, who want half of Sydney’s population to have been vaccinated before removing the lockdown imposed on the city, emphasize. If all goes according to plan, this will be on August 28th.

The case “shows us once again how deadly this disease is” and that it “affects people of all ages,” said Gladys Beretziklian, the prime minister of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney.

The details of the man and how he became infected were not disclosed. He lived in southwestern Sydney, the epicenter of the outbreak attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 variant Delta strain.

Coronavirus: New wave of pandemic sweeps the country

Of the approximately 17 deaths due to COVID-19 since the new outbreak occurred in June, about a third of patients died at home, according to authorities. The death of the man will be investigated by the competent state bodies.

The death of another person, a woman over 80, who was hospitalized, increased the death toll from the new coronavirus pandemic from its outbreak in Australia to this stage at 927 dead.

Sydney health officials said today that 233 cases had been diagnosed in the past 24 hours, up from 199 a day earlier.

As part of the current outbreak, as of June 16, the cases have now exceeded 4,000.

In an effort to curb the spread, authorities imposed severely restrictive measures: they quarantined high-risk suburbs and deployed troops to help police enforce lockdown.

According to Ms. Beretziklian, the state is aiming to have vaccinated six million people by the end of the month, in other words to have at least one COVID-19 approved vaccine dose given to the entire adult population, according to AMPE.

Neighboring Queensland recorded 16 outbreaks in the community, the same number as the previous one. Authorities now call the current outbreak the worst they have experienced since the pandemic and warn that the lockdown in Brisbane, the state capital, could be extended beyond Sunday.

“Every time someone leaves the house, it increases the risk that this lockdown will have to last longer (…) This is not the time to go shopping for outdoor furniture, we will be given another chance before the summer” of the southern hemisphere, said Queensland Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles.

The much more contagious Delta mutation, combined with the slow progress of the immunization campaign, is causing an escalation of the health crisis and despair among many citizens. Only 20% of the population over the age of 16 has been fully immunized by this stage in Australia of some 26 million people.

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