Coronavirus – Germany: “Temporary phenomenon” the reduced number of cases

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The distinguished lobbyist Christian Drosten considers the present calm of the case numbers coronavirus in Germany is a temporary phenomenon.

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It is already apparent in the Lτnder of East Germany that the incidence of coronavirus outbreaks rises obviously, regardless of the end of the holiday, according to him.

“I think they exist now signs of autumn and winter wave which we will probably see him again October“, Pointed out the scientist of the Charité Hospital in Berlin on Tuesday night (28/9) in the podcast” Coronavirus Update “of the NDR network.

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The previous increase in cases was mainly due to tests performed on schoolsafter the end of the summer holidays and in imported incidents, which in Drosten’s estimation did not necessarily mean the beginning of the winter wave, broadcasts APE BPE.

Vaccination is a “social goal”

“Closing vaccination gaps must be our common social goal. Is important to convince the unvaccinated or find another way to come for vaccination.

But this is no longer the work of scientists, but of policies“, He stressed.

Finally, the eminent infectious disease specialist assessed the current progress of vaccinations in Germany as insufficient.

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