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Cristina Scuccia, the video of the new song by the former nun of The Voice is amazing

On Instagram she is still called «Sister Cristina Official» but she is trying to resolve the issue because by now (the former sister) Cristina has moved on, having removed the cassock, she started a new life as Cristina Scuccia. And today, March 22, the video of the song also arrives online Happiness is a directionwhere she flaunts a miniskirt and neckline, going wild on the dance floor at the CDL Clubbing disco in Cremona alongside two dancers, Luca Chimento and Francesco Spizzini.

The internal changes have also become visible on the outside, in short, as we have already seen during the interviews with very true: without glasses, but with a nose piercing and flowing hair, he continues the musical career that started with the victory of The Voice of Italy 2014.

Cristina Scuccia sings the joy of living and the hope for the future beautiful song that will arrive on the radio from March 24th. She Sicilian, class of ’88, she said she has not yet found love and to keep every door open, including motherhood.

After a period abroad, in which she worked as a waitress in Spain, she is now ready to return to the stage, even if it is not that she has completely abandoned it, given that in 2019 she participated as a competitor in the American show The World’s Best it’s at dancing with the Stars.

The launch of the video clip Happiness is a direction he describes it on social media as “a unique experience” after describing it on Instagram: “At a certain point in my journey I only saw a crossroads: inside or outside! Today, with the help of many people, I learned to visualize a direction to be discovered, full of colors and wonderful sounds. It’s great to be back in the studio!”

Before presenting the song, however, she wanted to share a post of gratitude to those who allowed her to change course and follow a new path (the followers on Instagram are now 137,000): «It is with a feeling of gratitude that I slowly approach the my new reality – his words – I discovered that only in the dark can you see the stars, whose light comes from: by the nuns accompanying me in the discernment of this difficult choice in search of a place in the world; to my family who, despite enduring billions of indecisions and fears on my part, will never stop giving me true affection that warms my heart; to my dad who shakes my hand from up there without ever letting go; to all my friends, near and far, Italian, Spanish and around the world who, without ever judging, have listened to me with great patience; to the therapeutic help of the psychologist who welcomed me like a caterpillar and helped me discover my wings and then spread them, far from the limits that I still set myself; and finally to all of you, to whom I am infinitely grateful for all the affection you are sending me! THANK YOU! My silence was not absence but a time to mature a decision, make peace with myself by not judging myself harshly without ever forgiving myself. It is difficult to live with our contradictions! Choosing to share this with you is just one way to help those who may feel alone in the face of important life choices, as it was for me. I can’t wait to tell you where life is taking me… See you very soon!».

That promise has been kept, with all due respect to the haters who criticize it.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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