Cuba: Largest-Scale Experimental Vaccination Begins – Outbreaks Exceed 115,000


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More than 115,000 are confirmed coronavirus cases in Cuba, where on Sunday (9/5) the Ministry of Health announced that in the previous 24 hours 1,069 cases of infection were confirmed in the laboratory and another 10 patients with COVID-19 died.

The Caribbean island pandemic has put the death toll at 732 out of a total of 115,981 infections, according to official figures.

During the daily press conference given by the chief epidemiologist of the ministry Francisco Duran noted that 1,035 of the cases due to transmission to the community.

The incidence rate has reached 480.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

At the heart of the epidemic, Havana, according to the Athens News Agency, the incidence rate has reached 480.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Cuba is facing a new wave pandemic from January, which is difficult to bend despite the strict restrictive measures applied by the authorities. However, it has not been hit as hard as other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A wider immunization campaign begins

The government confirmed yesterday that a wider immunization campaign will begin on Wednesday, albeit still in an experimental stage, with the candidates vaccines the 3rd phase of clinical trials which is nearing completion.

The country of 11.2 million people under communist rule is the only one in Latin America that has five candidate vaccines at various stages of development. The campaign, which will start in Havana and the provinces of Santiago de Cuba (south) and Matanza (central), will take advantage of the two most advanced.

These two vaccines, Abdala and Soberana 2, are given in three doses.

The purpose of Havana is “to have vaccinated 22% of the population in June, 33% in July and 70% in August “, explained on Friday the Minister of Health Jose Angel Portal.

These vaccinations will be a large-scale trial, with the hope that this will allow the vaccine to be licensed for emergency use in June., he clarified.

The Abdullah vaccine has completed the third phase of clinical trials and its results are in the analysis phase. Soberana 2 is expected to complete the third phase of clinical trials in mid-May.

In the coming weeks, “perhaps from June”, if the test results “are favorable and meet what we expect, we will be able to give an emergency license and thus be able to start mass vaccination,” she explained. Olga Lydia Hakombo “, director of CECMED, the service responsible for the approval of medicinal products.

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