DAWN responds to false rumors about the reasons for his breakup with Hyuna

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On November 30, former 4minute member Hyuna announced her breakup with DAWN, with whom she had been with for six years and became engaged. The news took her followers by surprise and ended up breaking out today, when the interpreter of Triple H used their social networks to send a strong message against those who are spreading rumors about the reasons for their separation.

The situation seems serious, because someone has impersonated him, giving false statements against his Hyuna, accusing her of infidelity and other fallacies.

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Hyuna and Dawn

Through his Instagram account, the former Pentagon member wrote a message defending Hyuna from an internet user who usurped his identity to spread false information.

Hi, I’m Dawn. This won’t be long. I’m going to sue that cowardly, dirty, pathetic person who spread that false information posing as me. Even if we break up, she’s still precious to me and she’s more sincere and cool than anyone she’s ever met before. She is an artist that I will love more in the future. Please don’t live like this and she uses your precious time on Earth in a good way.

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Dawn hugging Hyuna

The interpreter of DAWNDIDIDAWN He also shared a screenshot edited by a netizen who impersonated him and claimed that Hyuna allegedly had an abortion.

She lied and hid all her past from me. While we were dating, she secretly met another guy and hid his existence from me. They lived together briefly in high school…and even had an abortion. I feel so betrayed. How many lies are there… I’m going crazy.

DAWN assured that it will take legal action against those who have started these rumors, something that is highly punishable in South Korea and that could lead to those involved spending several years in prison.

Source: Okchicas

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