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“Deadpool & Wolverine” will feature Britain’s “ugliest dog”

While fans of Marvel are excited about the superheroic partnership between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in “Deadpool & Wolverine” there's another character – the quadruped type – ready to make his debut in the film as well.

Dogpool a canine companion of Chatty Mercenary will appear in the sequel due out this July, and Reynolds is sharing some new details about the dog behind the character.

“Her real name is Peggy and she won the award for Britain’s ugliest dog,” Reynolds told Empire Magazine in an article published Tuesday. “The reason I was a big supporter of her was because she feels like the animal manifestation of (Deadpool's alter ego) Wade Wilson.”

First appearing in a 2010 Marvel comic, Reynolds said Dogpool “was, like a lot of things during the writing process, a little afterthought, and it grew” as production on “Deadpool & Wolverine” progressed. continued. “It was one of those things where you keep listening to the movie, and Dogpool became a staple.”

According to the BBC, Peggy earned the exclusive title of Britain's ugliest dog in January 2023. The dog is believed to be a Pug and Chinese Crested mix — which is sometimes called “Pugese” — and comes from Leven, near Hornsea in east Yorkshire.

Equipped with her own “Dogpool” Instagram page, Peggy also appeared in a photo from the new film on Reynolds' Instagram in December of last year. “It's love at first sight,” he told Empire of the bond between Deadpool and the puppy. “He loves Dogpool.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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